What Is A Domestic Relations Lawyer?

Is There A Difference Between A Domestic Relations Lawyer & Divorce Lawyer?

Cincinnati divorce lawyersThe terms domestic relations lawyer and divorce lawyer are essentially interchangeable, since they refer to the same function. These attorneys help people end their marriages. Since their job responsibilities contain a good deal of overlap, this article will focus solely on the work of a divorce attorney. A domestic relations lawyer’s work is quite similar, but we will stick to the single term.

Divorce lawyers protect the client at every step of the divorce process. They protect the client’s assets to the extent allowed by the law. They prevent an overly aggressive lawyer, who may be representing the spouse, from taking more than the law allows. Divorce lawyers will protect their clients’ child custody and child visitation rights. They will also work to achieve a fair child support arrangement. The divorce lawyer will be with their client every step of the way, including hearings.

The first step a divorce lawyer will take is to determine if there are grounds for a divorce. The law is specific about the reasons that justify a divorce. Thus, the attorney will need to analyze every claim made by the person seeking a divorce. If there is enough evidence to support filing a divorce petition with the court, then the real work will begin.

The divorce lawyer will discuss the expectations of the party seeking the divorce, and determine if those expectations are realistic. Often, they are not, so the divorce attorney will explain the law and help prepare the client. This is an important task for the divorce lawyer, because pursuing unrealistic expectations accomplishes nothing.

The divorce lawyer may need to file various motions and issue subpoenas to obtain financial information and to establish the needs of the other party, if any exist.

Child custody and visitation rights are also the subject of a divorce attorney’s job. This is a difficult task because parents rarely agree on these issues. Child support is set by law, but exceptions exist for special-needs children. If this condition exists, then the divorce attorney will need to address it by a special petition to the court on behalf of the custodial parent.

Researching Cincinnati Divorce Attorneys

Your Cincinnati Divorce Lawyer handles every aspect of a divorce that requires court approval. They work to get the parties agreeing on as many issues as they can. To this extent, the divorce lawyer can save the parties costs, trouble, and a lot of tension. If you are in the Cincinnati area and think you may need a divorce attorney, don’t hesitate to contact our Montgomery Ohio law firm by calling 513.891.7087 to set up a consultation.