Whether you are the executor of an estate or a beneficiary who will inherit one or more assets, a probate attorney in Cincinnati can be of helpful assistance. Probate attorneys also go by other titles like estate attorneys or estate lawyers. This person’s responsibility is to take you through the entire probate process from start to finish.law books

Probate laws differ by state, so what is true elsewhere might not be the case in Ohio. Your probate attorney will have knowledge of the finer points of estate law in Ohio, which can change every year.

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Understanding The Role of A Probate Attorney

An attorney’s handling of probate differs depending on whether the decedent (the person whose estate is under consideration) died testate or intestate. “Testate” means that a valid last Will and Testament is in place, while “intestate” means having no such documentation.

Also, a probate lawyer will often step in if any beneficiaries or other interested parties contest a Will. They might be able to help settle some disputes.

A probate lawyer can also help you navigate the payment of estate or inheritance taxes. If you have federal or Ohio state taxes are due, your attorney can help determine what money from the estate you can use to pay those taxes.

A Cincinnati attorney who works in probate can assist you in several ways:

  • Monitor bank accounts belonging to an estate
  • Help you sell property from an estate
  • Assist you with income and other taxes
  • Collect the proceeds from life insurance accounts
  • Advise on the handling of the decedent’s outstanding bills and debts
  • Assist with the rollover and elections for IRAs, 401[k]s, and other retirement accounts
  • File all documents that the probate court requires
  • Help find the right appraiser for a decedent’s assets and property
  • Order a death certificate

Keeping the Process Going

Your Cincinnati probate attorney can manage your probate schedule, which has important deadlines. For example, it is their job to know the date after which creditors can no longer make claims against an estate. They also know how long the probate case must stay open, and they possess the expertise to anticipate any other issues that come up during the probate process.

A Source for Advice

Although most delegated executors are trustworthy and competent, they tend to be unfamiliar with probate procedures. If you have been entrusted as an estate executor, you do not have to worry if you consult an experienced Cincinnati probate attorney. An estate lawyer’s job is to answer your questions and advise you on the best actions to take or avoid while resolving the estate.