Cincinnati traffic criminal law


In the words of one wise and vigilant parent, “Wherever I live, I want to have the phone number of a reputable criminal defense attorney near me.”

Some people have extensive experience with the criminal justice system, but most do not. Unless you work in criminal justice or have been a defendant in a criminal case, you likely do not have much firsthand knowledge of what might happen if you end up at odds with the state of Ohio. Therefore, it is to your advantage to know a criminal defense attorney nearby in Cincinnati.

What does a criminal defense attorney do?

Your criminal defense attorney in Cincinnati should know that they have five primary responsibilities when representing you:

  1. Your criminal defense lawyer researches the facts.

You want a cool-headed, impartial, and shrewd investigator checking out and assessing the situation in hindsight. A lawyer with extensive experience knows what details can make or break a defense case. They may identify mitigating circumstances you have not considered. An effective litigator also knows which questions to ask. The criminal defense attorneys of Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller in Cincinnati have been victorious in many defense cases. Their keen sense for choosing and carrying out methods of inquiry has been pivotal to their success.

  1. Your criminal defense attorney negotiates deals on your behalf.

Your defense lawyer will likely interact extensively with the prosecutor of the case. The prosecutor may offer you a plea deal, which could reduce your bail, charges, or sentence. Plea deals are more common than you may think. We do not often see what happens behind the scenes during plea deal negotiations in TV courtroom dramas. That is probably because a negotiated settlement is relatively free of conflict and rarely dramatic. If a plea deal is possible in your case, your legal representative from Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller can help you get the most beneficial outcome.

  1. Your criminal defense attorney examines witnesses.

If you are facing a criminal trial, you probably have many questions about witnesses. Who qualifies as witnesses? Who can question them? How can an attorney discredit a witness?

Choosing and vetting the best witnesses can strengthen virtually any defense case in criminal trials. It can be easy to overlook the vetting process, but it is essential to any strong defense strategy. Your attorney will handle all witness-related matters and answer all your questions.

Also, an appropriate character witness can testify to your strengths and positive traits. A credible witness who observed the situation at hand and can confirm your story can make a considerable difference in the eyes of the judge and jury. Furthermore, honesty can be a valuable asset to your defense case.

  1. Your criminal defense attorney assesses potential sentences.

Knowing the reality of your situation will only help you, and your defense lawyer can help you understand what you might be up against. The entire strategy of a criminal defense case may rest on understanding a particular judge’s track record and disposition. Knowing which judge you have can make a huge difference in anticipating how harshly the court may treat you if you receive a guilty verdict. Also, it helps to be able to predict — in rough terms — the type and severity of sentences a given judge tends to dispense. The team of experienced defense attorneys at Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller know the judges in the Greater Cincinnati region well. Entering a trial with a thorough understanding of the judge and other key people involved can significantly affect how your attorneys approach your defense.

  1. Your criminal defense attorney represents you at trial.

If your defense attorney and the prosecutor cannot reach a plea deal, your case will likely go before the court. If this happens, you want your lawyer to craft a clear case that creates a relatable, understandable narrative that can persuade a jury.

A criminal defense lawyer’s ability to tell your story in a simple, compelling manner is priceless. A skilled attorney has the communication skills to convey your side of the case in ways that promote understanding and empathy. More importantly, you want a lawyer who can anticipate how a jurist or a judge will respond to their arguments.

Having a connection to a reputable criminal defense attorney in your area can be invaluable during your time of need. Many defendants who have lost their court cases would have won if they simply had better access to a stronger legal team in Cincinnati. Regardless of the criminal defense case, a shrewd legal strategy often wins the day. If you need representation, keep your search local by contacting the attorneys at Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller.