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A successful businesswoman in Cincinnati once said, “I need to find an estate attorney near me – just in case something awful happens, I want to prepare and make things convenient for my family.”

She was having health issues, and in the event of her condition taking a turn for the worse, she wanted a conveniently located estate attorney nearby to help her draft her estate plans.

Selecting Your Estate Attorney

Donnellon, Donnellon, & Miller, a Cincinnati firm located in Montgomery next to Moeller High School, and one that focuses heavily in estate planning, was a perfect match for her. Aside from her Will, living Will, living trust, and other documents, though, there were other considerations she had.

She wanted to pay for her funeral in advance. As she discussed it, her loved ones would have enough to deal with at the time of her passing. She wanted to book her funeral home and pay for all expenses ahead of time.

There were a few options she considered, including a funeral prepayment plan. Eventually, she set up a specific bank account, labeled “payable upon death,” which held funds specifically earmarked for her funeral costs.

She also let her family know her end-of-life wishes. She wanted her organs donated, and she wanted to be cremated. She made sure everyone knew, including the funeral home with which she has planned for her services.

Choosing An Estate Attorney Nearby Adds Convenience

To prepare her documents, she worked with an estate attorney located near her. “I need an administrator who has access to all of these documents,” she said. She asked one of her friends to administer her wishes, and made sure her friend had access to her Will, trust papers, property deeds, insurance policies, and more.

Thankfully, her condition improved. She is still with us. However, she has all of these plans in place, and now she does not need to worry about drafting new documents or making new plans.

This is a situation that happens often, and being prepared means helping your loved ones, just as much as it means putting your own mind at ease.