This is an aspect of estate planning that we seldom discuss. But having solid, formalized estate plans in place by working with a local estate planning attorney can bring a great sense of relief to your spouse. Through a Will, an advance directive plan, a health saving account, a power of attorney document, and updated life insurance policies, you can prove to your significant other that their security is important to you.

Some wives (and husbands) are reluctant to verbalize just how worried they are. There may be warning signs indicating that your health will not be perfect forever — and with these warning signs come the late nights, awake, thinking about everything that could go wrong if one of you becomes very ill. Frankly, these sleepless hours of fear and uncertainly are not helping your health either.

The anxiety and tension surrounding the unknown can cause fights. Those lingering questions of “what would happen if you got sick?” and “what if something horrible happens?” can be the root of considerable stress and agony. Setting your spouse’s mind at ease can make your own life easier.

Increase Peace Of Mind And Work With An Estate Planning Attorney Near You

Nobody told us just how much uncertainty is attached to the topic of growing older. We do not know what to expect in terms of our health and well-being. What we CAN do, though, is control some aspects of our future plans. We can set preparations in place, so that some protections kick in automatically. Financial protections, and multiple types of insurance — literal insurance, but also insurance (and reassurance) that the bottom will not fall out of your finances. This is where having a trusted and experienced estate planning attorney nearby comes into play.

What you may find is that solving these potential dilemmas brings you satisfaction as well. Knowing that your loved ones will be safe can give you a great feeling of accomplishment. Protecting your family is a primal urge. Just as the cave dwellers sought to provide shelter and fresh food, today’s house dwellers long to provide stable assets and secured investments.

“Having an estate planning lawyer near me that can put legal protections in place made my wife sleep easier at night,” said my friend. “To know that she could meet in person to answer her questions — that sense of security is priceless.”

Address those worries head on and put protections in place. A solid set of estate planning documents makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones, any time of year.

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