2020 Estate Planning Checklist

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Donnellon, Donnellon, and Miller published a nine-point estate planning checklist, which is designed to assist you in addressing all of your estate planning needs.

When you check off all of these line items, you can remind yourself of anything you still need to take care of.

Among the issues this checklist addresses:

  • The property you own
  • Your checking and savings accounts
  • Your life insurance policy
  • Your IRA or 401(k) plans
  • Your investment account or other investments
  • Your Will or Trust
  • Your Living Will
  • Your Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney

Each of these categories has questions you need to answer, to make sure your estate planning documents are complete and up to date.

Go through this checklist and then contact an experienced estate planning attorney to set up a plan to address any of the points that need attention.

An estate planning attorney can answer any questions you may have. He or she can also provide any of the resources you may need to complete portions of the list.

If you need to add a Payable on Death (POD) designation to an account, or if you need to designate primary and contingent beneficiaries, the attorney can help you with that as well.

Having a fully updated and proofread set of estate plans can protect your family in the event that you fall ill or become injured. Having a complete, waterproof set of documents can prevent your loved ones from losing money or assets to bureaucratic concerns or taxation. It can also alleviate many of your worries.