courtroom gavelIf you have been arrested for DUI in the Greater Cincinnati area, how do you pick a lawyer?

What qualities should this Cincinnati DUI attorney possess?

Below are 4 attributes you should be looking for while searching for the top local DUI lawyer.

Qualities In The Best DUI Attorneys

  1. The attorney should be an expert negotiator

DUI cases often do not lead to convictions – particularly first offenses. There may a small flaw in the prosecutor’s case that could weaken their charges against you. Sharing every small detail from the incident with your attorney could assist in their negotiations on your behalf. Trying to find the right plea deal, or the right type of probation, is part of your attorney’s job.

  1. The attorney should treat each case as a fresh challenge

Premier DUI attorneys need not assume you are guilty or innocent. Each case is unique. Your attorney should also not assume that the police report is accurate or complete.

  1. The attorney should have great skills in researching

Investigation is a big part of an attorney’s responsibilities, and this is something often overlooked. Re-investigating the initial incident is key. It is crucial to know the precise circumstances, from weather conditions, to the automobile’s condition, to understanding the other events happening nearby at the time.

  1. The attorney should be qualified

Specifically, he or she should have experience with DUI cases. A great tax attorney does not necessarily understand the ins and outs of Ohio DUI laws. Is the attorney licensed? Do past clients recommend their services?

When it comes to Cincinnati DUI cases, the legal minds at Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller are particularly well-equipped to help defend you. Choose the best, and let them handle your case from initial bail to walking free after your acquittal.