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Estate lawyers typically take on many responsibilities, depending on their clients’ needs. Here we cover what Estate Attorneys do and the primary functions they fulfill

  1. Draft “Last Will and Testament” documents

Attorneys in estate law possess extensive knowledge of Wills and their legal provisions. A vital part of their work is ensuring these documents are properly drafted, signed, and executed. Estate Attorneys also advise clients on what Will can and cannot do and what options these documents afford them.

  1. Help with financial plans to avoid estate taxes

Many clients seek help from attorneys practicing estate law to reduce their tax burden. More specifically, an estate attorney might help you transfer assets without incurring tax liability or avoid having your assets taxed at a higher rate. Because estate laws can change rapidly, a lawyer in this field should stay on top of the latest financial news and be aware of all the economic tools available.

  1. Protect assets from creditors after your death

Many people worry about the debts that linger after death and creditors trying to lay claim on an estate. An experienced estate attorney can provide well-crafted legal protections against ruthless and hungry debt collectors.

  1. Plan living trusts

An essential component of estate planning is a living trust, which goes into effect after death. A living trust also makes sense while you are still alive because it allows you to determine your plans and ensure they come to fruition. While you are still around, you can use a living trust that enables you to bequeath assets to the people you intend on a schedule you put in place.

  1. Create healthcare directives and power of attorney documentation

An estate attorney can also ensure that your health-related wishes and medical directives are clear and irrefutable. Enlisting a lawyer’s help in creating healthcare directives and delegating power of attorney is beneficial. Doing so can help your family avoid conflict and uncertainty that usually results when an untimely death or accident takes your decision-making power.

  1. Avoid probate processes and unnecessary legal fees

One of the most loving things you can do for your family is to create an estate plan that reduces their burden after your death. Consulting an estate attorney now can help your family avoid most of the logistics and legal concerns that will inevitably follow your passing. An estate plan can reduce the conflicts, headaches, and time spent on probate and other issues after your death. Working with an estate lawyer now will allow your loved ones to focus more on what really matters later on.

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