Estate Attorneys carry out a wide range of duties. What are some of the primary functions they fulfill? What exactly does an estate attorney in Cincinnati do?

  1. Draft “Last Will and Testament” documents

Making sure these documents are properly drafted, signed, and executed is a central function of an estate attorney. Full knowledge of the intricacies of Wills, and the variety of legal provisions they can allow for, is a central requirement of the job.

  1. Help with financial plans to avoid estate taxes

What can you do to avoid having your assets taxed at a higher rate? How can you transfer assets without incurring tax liability? These questions are elemental.

  1. Protect assets from creditors after your death

Creditors have a million ways to lay claim on an estate. A great estate attorney can build the legal protections in to keep these vultures at bay.

  1. Plan living trusts

There are documents that go into effect after death, and others that can make for smart asset management while you are still alive. A smart living trust can address your desires while you are still around to see those plans fulfilled.

  1. Create health care directives and power of attorney documentation

In the event that a medical emergency — or an accident — leaves you unable to communicate clearly and easily, it is wise to have directives in place clarifying your preference when it comes to your medical supervision.

  1. Avoid probate processes and unnecessary legal fees

You want your heirs to have an easy time with logistics and legal concerns after your death. Careful planning will prevent them from needing to deal with lawyers and courts at all. A proper, precisely executed set of estate plans will save your loved ones time, money, and potential headaches.

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