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An excellent firm with an outstanding reputation. Rob Butler is a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. Thank you.Kevin BuckleyAugust 13, 2021
We worked with Meghan on estate planning, wills, a trust, powers of attorney, etc. She was very thorough, helpful, and knowledgeable. We definitely chose the right attorney. We highly recommend Meghan!Lindsey ArchdeaconApril 18, 2020
My company, as well as my family, have done business with Donnellon Donnellon & Miller for over 10 years. We've worked with several of the Attorneys at the firm, and always receive outstanding service at very reasonable rates. We've done most of our work with Meghan Donnellon Hyden. Meghan is the consummate professional, and always makes the process as easy as possible. Meghan has worked with us on company startups, Estate Plans, Probate, POA's, Health Care Directives and the list goes on. We've always been very happy with the results. Keep up the great work!Web MasterMarch 17, 2019
I worked with Meghan. She was very professional and thorough. I appreciate all she did for me through the procsss. She was always objective and kind. She made the whole experience much easier than anticipated. I would highly recommend this firm to family and friends.Susie BrucatoJanuary 30, 2019
I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Butler for my domestic relations concerns. Rob has been easy to talk to, follows through, and is able to work with me on making decisions together. I have had other attorney's who tell me what to do, not working with me in the best interest of issues at hand, and not cost effective. Having to experience post divorce issues can be very emotional. Rob has been like family helping me vent and then get back on track to make sure our focus and responses are timely and on point for everyone involved. I highly recommend Rob Butler if you're looking for someone who is cost effective and compassionate.Natalie O'ConnorNovember 4, 2018
Rob Butler represented me when I dissolved my marriage. He was prepared and articulate, which alleviated much of my discomfort and presented a welcome contrast to the other party in the courtroom. I am grateful to Rob Butler for his professionalism and expertise.Alice O’DellSeptember 8, 2018
My partner & I utilized Meghan's services to establish an Estate Plan for ourselves and our company. Working with Meghan was fun, interactive and professional. I highly recommend reaching out to Meghan to discuss how she can help with your legal needs.Cat TothAugust 20, 2018
I have had the pleasure of doing business with Rob Butler at Donnellon, Donnellon and Miller for almost thirty years. He has handled, and still is, an ongoing guardianship for my son. Quite successfully represented me in a divorce. Has successfully dealt with some financial issues and several other matters. Everyone I have had contact with at their office has been professional, courteous and caring. Highly recommend.Arthur SmithAugust 18, 2018
Rob has represented me on multiple cases over the years. He has always shown a high level of integrity and professionalism, which is why I have recommended him to numerous friends throughout the years. I trust that he will provide top notch representation for any client who hires him.Kate JeffriesAugust 13, 2018
Rob Butler has been my family’s and my attorney He is thorough and always kept me informed of the progress on each case I have recommended him to my friends because I think he is great to work with Kathy KorteKelly KorteAugust 8, 2018
I highly recommend Donnellon Donnellon and Miller. I had the privilege of working with Robert Butler during my divorce process. He listened to what I needed and worked hard getting it done. He is a very compassionate attorney.Meliisa BowlingAugust 8, 2018
Meghan Donnellon Hyden is knowledgeable, competent & a pleasure to work awesome combination for an attorney. I would highly recommend.Doug CropperAugust 6, 2018
Meghan is great to work with as she thoroughly covers all topics related to our Wills, Power of Attorney and Medical POA. Feeling secure that our estate will be properly handled when the time comes. Thanks Meghan !Jim KokengeAugust 6, 2018
Meghan recently reviewed my will and estate planning information that was prepared a few years ago by another firm. She found numerous items that needed to be changed or updated. Meghan's responsiveness, and attention to detail allow me to sleep better at night. I highly recommend Meghan for all of the legal services she provides.Shaun WilkinsAugust 1, 2018
I had the privilege to work with Meghan Hyden. Her personality is just incredible and she was very professional and prepared when it came to writing my will and estate succession plans. She also wrote my mothers at the same time. Such a relief working with someone that cared to get it right the first time. Thank you Meghan!Damon WynnAugust 1, 2018
Meghan Donnellon-Hyden was a JOY to work with! My husband and I were going out of the country and needed to implement a trust, will and guardianship. She made the process painless and easy to understand. She is a true professional and made us feel confident and comfortable that all of our assets and the future of our children were all in place, God forbid the worst were to happen.Stacy ReichAugust 1, 2018
I've worked with Megan Donnellon Hyden for several matters over the past 5 years and she's been fantastic! I had my original will, power of atty, etc drawn up by an attorney our family knew and who'd been in practice for 40 years. When I changed over to Megan, she found so many items that didn't get done or would have landed us in probate! She was knowledgable, super easy to work with, noticed and handled all details and charged a fair price. I've recommended her to lots of young families and single parents to help get their affairs in order, too! I highly recommend her!!Karen AertsJuly 31, 2018
Rob Butler handled my case and I can't say enough great things about him. Even though my case was "small potatoes" he treated me professionally and was very kind to me at an emotional time. He's professional, grounded and level headed. I highly recommend Rob to all my friends and family!Richer DesignsJuly 26, 2018
Rob Butler, of Donnellon, Donnellon, and Miller, has been my attorney for many years. He always has conducted himself in a professional manner, and resolved my legal issues with care. I chose Rob as my attorney because he is my parents’ attorney, and they think very highly of him and the legal work he has done for them.Matt MontgomeryJuly 22, 2018
Rob Butler fought a very difficult fight against a large Corp on my behalf. Rob was very approachable on the matter and his communication was far above what I have received from attorneys in the past. He did so well for me that I’ve since referred him to a friend with a totally different issue and Rob was able to resolve that also. I can’t recommend Rob strongly enough. Thank you.Nathan HudelsonJuly 21, 2018
I had the pleasure of working with Rob Butler on a pretty rare case, but Rob was very diligent and strategic in every step we took. He helped me retrieve my dog from many miles away and even checked in to see how things were going. Communication was open and consistent and his experience helped ease the process. Thank you to Donnellon, Donnellon, & Miller for the opportunity to be represented by an awesome attorney!SchauDon HerdJuly 20, 2018
I have been a client of Donnellon, Donnellon and Miller for a couple of different cases regarding custody of my children. I worked with Rob Butler and I cannot think of a more compassionate, knowledgeable attorney. He is always easy to get on the phone and he really cares about my children and their well-being. He is honest and tells me what is possible and what is not. I’ve worked with him for more than 5 years and I trust he will always do his best for me and my children. If you are searching for a fair, honest and tough attorney, go talk to Rob.Marlo LawrenceJuly 19, 2018
Meghan helped me with my divorce. She was compassionate with me and very understanding. She let me know what my rights were and was steadfast in making sure I got what I deserved.Debbie RudisellMarch 27, 2018
Meghan and team are personable and easy to work with (can't say that about all attorneys!) Thanks for helping us prepare for difficult life challenges in advance, which is priceless. Everyone needs a great team like this on their side!Melanie BooherNovember 28, 2017
I have used Donnellon Donnellon and Miller's services and more specifically Meghan Donnellon for an LLC I started. She has done a great job for my company helping us create it, drawing up contracts, providing other legal help as well as being very reachable when I need her. She is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. While business services isn't listed as one of her focuses, her ability to do great work for me shows her versatility in the practice. I have referred her to friends for estate planning and she has provided the same level of results there as well. Everything from the legal work to the friendly and helpful office staff make the process efficient and smooth. I will continue to refer Donnellon Donnellon and Miller and Meghan to those in my personal and professional network that need legal help!Colin YeakleNovember 10, 2017
Meghan knows her stuff! She is thorough, patient and has an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture while effectively focusing on critical details.Mike PoastNovember 10, 2017
Meghan helped us with preparing a will for a family member and also helped us with the Estate once he passed. It is always difficult sorting through someones belongings. But the transition of most of the items went extremely smooth. There were one or two very small accounts we weren't aware of and those were extremely paper-some to resolve. I can't imagine what the Estate would have been if she hadn't help us prepare early. We thank God for Meghan Donnellon!Sharon AltmanSeptember 25, 2017
Megan Donnellon Hyden has an enormous passion for helping families with estate planning. Megan will sit down with you and discuss every detail. I highly recommend Megan!John ZookNovember 1, 2016
Excellent attorneys! Extremely knowledgeable on numerous topics and very professional.Eric RoederSeptember 27, 2015