Where Do I Look Near Me to Find a Will and Estate Lawyer?

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A Will and Estate Planning lawyer near you can help you create documents to manage and distribute your assets after your death. If you pass away with no Will in place, the state of Ohio—not your family—determines how to disseminate your assets. This arrangement can be unexpected and devastating to the loved ones you leave behind.

Hiring a Will and Estates lawyer to help you create and review your estate plan will help protect your assets and ensure that they get distributed according to your wishes. More specifically, a Will outlines precisely who will own what portions of your estate and in the manner that you stipulate upon your death.

Some people need little more than a Will, which automatically transfers ownership of assets to a spouse or another designated person(s). Other clients need trusts when the care of surviving family members is at stake. For instance, a trust can regularly draw from your assets to make periodic payments or monthly income to a spouse, children, or other individuals.

The documents and legal measures you need to put in place depend on factors like the assets you hold and how you want them handled after you are gone. Your Will and Estate Planning lawyer will know what you need to protect what you have.

Drafting A Will

It is an excellent idea to enlist the help of an Estate lawyer near you to create a Will. Three essential elements of drafting a Will are

Guardianship. Care of minor children for whom you are responsible

Assets: Funds, investment accounts, automobiles, and other possessions with monetary value

Real property: Owning or co-owning a house or other real estate

Other arrangements like trusts can alleviate tax burdens or protect assets from creditors. If a child or dependent with a disability survives you, your attorney can recommend a Supplemental Services Trust or Special Needs Trust to provide their care after your death.

Wills primarily take effect after your passing. However, you might talk to your lawyer about creating documents that are active and have an impact on you while you are still alive.

Living Will

A Living Will, also known as an advanced or healthcare directive, outlines your care if you suffer a debilitating illness, injury, or medical event. For example, if a severe stroke robs you of your capacity to communicate your wishes, your Living Will provides medical directives to providers, family, and others. These directives involve carrying out decisions around life support, pain management, delivery of intravenous food and water, and other care measures.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Like a Living Will, the Healthcare Power of Attorney document designates a representative who makes your health care decisions on your behalf. A Power of Attorney can be a spouse, parent, sibling, friend, or anyone you trust to make your healthcare decisions when you cannot do so.

Without appropriate legal protections, a single emergency can jeopardize your family and assets. A Will and Estate Planning attorney can help you understand the issues of Estate Planning and help you safeguard what you cherish most.