Purchase & Sale Of Property, Eminent Domain & Real Estate Contract Law

handing over keys to new home

We also have experience in handling eminent domain cases representing both the property owner and the government entity in various situations.

We have represented several of our communities in handling tax increment financing legislation and having their plans approved at the state level.

Given the speed with which real estate transfers happen — with same-day transactions rushing between title companies, banks, and real estate agencies — it is key to have an experienced legal team that can move quickly on your behalf. Our team of real estate attorneys know how to review contracts with lightning speed, how to draft contracts while the terms are still being negotiated, and which parties need input at what times.

What Makes A Great Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate law calls for people who are well-connected within the real estate community. The attorneys of Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller are well acquainted with the title officers and the realtors that move in the Cincinnati market. From Comey & Shepherd to Sibcy Cline to Star One and Huff Realty — not to mention the RE/MAX agents and Coldwell Banker offices around town — our team is experienced and knowledgeable. We know who to talk to.

Our office has represented a number of clients in zoning cases and our work with the various governmental communities involves us in representing zoning issues on behalf of the local government as well.

For real estate law, it is particularly useful to have a legal team that understands the local waters. You want a team that knows each neighborhood, and the legal, fiscal, and zoning concerns of each tiny jurisdiction.

Cincinnati, as we all know, is built from 1,000 tiny neighborhoods. Some are clustered into townships, some into “villages” (as a legal distinction), some are standalone cities, and some are joined as vibrant suburbs with their own distinct flavors. Land use rights can differ from one subdivision to another. School district qualifications can differ from one mile marker to the next.

If you meet a stranger who grew up in Cincinnati, what is the first question?

It is, “Where did you go to high school?”

This does not happen as often in other cities. This is a Cincinnati-ism. With that in mind, it is helpful in real estate dealings to know the varied styles of each school district in the 513.

Whatever the real estate need may be, the attorneys at Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller are ready and capable to handle your transaction.