What To Look For In A Cincinnati Estate Planning Attorney

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How Do I Choose The Best Estate Planning Attorney?

You can choose a Cincinnati estate planning attorney by checking a few readily available resources. You will want to keep in mind the size of your estate, since some lawyers only work with large estates. Many other estate planning attorneys work with smaller estates, and many can assist with structuring a plan that will protect any assets you will acquire in the future.

Your bank is a good place to begin your search. Most banks have relationships with estate planning attorneys, and the banks know which attorneys could handle your estate planning needs well. The internet is another resource. These lawyers’ websites may include a peer rating or another rating that will indicate a high level of expertise..

Friends may assist in your search for an estate planning lawyer, but you may not want to discuss this with anyone other than your closest friends. You may want to ask a relative who is likely to have made an estate plan.

When you find an attorney you might want to work with, arrange a meeting to discuss your estate planning needs. Prepare some questions ahead of time so that you can make the best use of the attorney’s time. The questions should focus on your what you believe your estate planning needs to be.

You want to get a sense of how interested the estate planning attorney is in your situation. You need to feel that they have an understanding of your needs, and you need to be comfortable with what they propose. Be sure you know the fees that they would charge, and the payment arrangements they may require. Meeting with a potential estate planning attorney is the best way to finalize your choice.

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