When dealing with your taxes, there are certain things an accountant or CPA can handle for you, and certain things that require the services of a tax attorney.

Tax law is complex, and highly technical, and a tax attorney specializes in the fine points – the details, fine print, and ever-fluctuating state codes and federal regulations – of our taxation system.

When To Contact A Cincinnati Tax Attorney

If you are dealing with disputes over your state or federal tax returns, either for the most recent year or for previous year, then consulting a tax attorney is a smart idea. There are many other reasons you might want to speak with an attorney, though:

  • You are founding your own business. Should you incorporate? Should you be an LLC or a sole proprietor? How should you structure the company?
  • Your work involves international clients and you need help with international law or tax situations with foreign governments.
  • The IRS is investigating you for criminal wrongdoing, or you intend to bring suit against the IRS. A tax attorney has no obligation to divulge your conversation with the court if you go to trial – those conversations covered under attorney-client privilege. An accountant, however, has a duty to share those conversations with the court.

Here in Cincinnati, the tax attorneys at Donnellon, Donnellon, & Miller are well versed in all aspects of local, state, and federal taxation. We are ready to meet with you about any financial matters you would care to discuss.