Will the Pandemic Inspire Some to Change Their Custody Agreements?

Parents are finding their day-to-day schedules significantly changed since the shelter in place took effect. Not only are these parents working from home rather than going to an office location, but they are needing to handle all aspects of day-to-day childcare. School-age children, from 5 to 18, are now home all day every day, so these parents are having to help their kids handle their daily instruction, classroom assignments, and homework.

This has increased stress for many of these parents. Daytimes, once reserved for work and earning money, are now split between employment concerns and homeschooling.

Some parents, as it turns out, are learning new things about their respective strengths and challenges. In some instances, childcare for older children is proving to be more difficult. In other cases, some parents who had not been as involved in day-to-day schoolwork are finding that they excel at helping with classwork.

Either way, the changes in day-to-day routines have caused some separated (or divorced, or divorcing) parents to reconsider their previous custody agreements.

Such changes may not involve any alteration to child support payments. They could just involve schedules – which parent is there for more weekday afternoons of completing schoolwork, for example.

No matter what changes may take place in custody agreements, the shelter in place period is a decent time to make those adjustments.

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