The Disappearance of Instant Divorce

While a divorce lawyer can help individuals in Cincinnati and around the United States maneuver through court proceedings and the like, in India, “instant divorces” were a unique option where some women weren’t even able to use one. This is now coming to an end.

India’s supreme court recently made a decision on a 3-2 vote that will positively impact the lives of Muslim women throughout that country. As the decision was announced last month in New Delhi, the divorce attorney community paid close attention.

Historically, Muslim men were able to use the word “talaq” to end their marriages. By saying “talaq” three times – “talaq” being the Arabic word for divorce – the marriage would be dissolved. Saying this could happen over the phone, in a letter, or face-to-face. Men would often end their marriages without providing alimony or any other form of financial support to their wives. As a divorce attorney, such a practice is surprising to learn about, particularly given the dire outcomes involved.

By comparison, a Muslim woman never had anything approaching this type of right in India. A Muslim woman seeking divorce in that country is required by Indian law to obtain permission, from either a cleric or her husband, and sometimes from other officials.

The Supreme Court panel voted 3-2 to end the instant divorce practice. Two of those voting to end it said it was unconstitutional, and the third said the practice violated Islamic law. The “talaq” practice is losing popularity across the broader Muslim world, and is losing favor in many other countries. Experts believe this decision in India may encourage other countries to remove this practice from their systems of law.

The Koran does not include any reference to the “triple talaq” divorce method, and it is controversial among Islamic religious scholars.

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, spoke favorably of the decision by India’s supreme court, calling it a “powerful measure for women’s empowerment.”

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