Divorce Searches are Booming in 2020. Is it COVID Related?

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The close quarters and stressful conditions of a pandemic quarantine has apparently been taking its toll on marriage, according to data. A site which sells online divorce agreements says their July 2020 sales are up by 34% over the sales in July 2019 – not in all legal documents, but just in divorce paperwork.

Julia Naftulin’s reporting in Business Insider reveals that September through early January usually mark a slow time for court hearings and filings. This year, however, that period of time is looking to be busier than ever.

Additional data comes to you in the form of ranked search-engine inquiries. SEM Rush, a data company specializing in online searches, say that “filing for divorce” searches have increased 22% from 2019 to 2020. More significantly, “file for divorce online” searches have nearly doubled. That particular search term has seen a 95.86% increase year over year.

What this information does not tell us, however, is how many of these information searches have turned into complete divorce paperwork. It is entirely possible that disgruntled spouses have searched for information without actually going through with any divorce filing with the courts.

Nonetheless, the spike in online divorce-related activity could be an indicator that married couples are having a difficult time dealing with the enforced proximity of quarantine.

One quote from that Business Insider article gave additional anecdotal evidence.

“Typically, if it’s a Thanksgiving week, it would be quiet,” said Emily Walsh, a matrimonial lawyer and law firm partner based in New York. “I’m working as if it’s any other busy week. We’ve got loads of court appearances and motions to file and it’s really busy.”