Four Ways to Make Your Divorce Easier

Lawyers who focus on divorce get to witness a diverse set of situations. No two splits are the same.

However, we do get to see some moves that make it all happen more easily.

4 Ways To Help Make Divorce Easier

Here are some tips for a potentially smoother divorce:

1. Talk it out with a professional

Leaning on your friends is great, but your friends each have their own complex relationships with you and your ex. What often helps more is meeting with a therapist or psychologist. Presenting the separation as a fresh situation puts perspective on it in a new way. The mere act of explaining your case to a trained third party can make you feel better.

2. Self-care

Be nice to yourself. As your divorce lawyer, my advice is to treat yourself well. Get a massage. Go for a float. Get outside with your friends. Do some activities that you find comforting. Staying sane in the face of adversity is your Job #1. As they say in the in-flight intro video, apply your own oxygen mask before helping someone else with theirs.

3. Give your kids notice

If children are involved, and one party is moving out, give your kids some advance warning. If you can, let them know at least a few weeks before a big transition happens. If you can limit the number of changes that happen, do so. If you can keep them in the same school(s), try to do so. Minimizing the amount of disruption will make the adjustment easier for them.

4. Pick up a pen when you’re calm

Emotions will be running high. Take time when you feel calm to write down all that you want to discuss with your former partner. Having a list can relax you. Details are difficult to think about in the heat of an argument, so jot down those fine points while you feel at ease.

Contact A Divorce Attorney For Assistance

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