Healthcare Power of Attorney Lets You Appoint An Agent

You have no way of knowing what healthcare decisions may come your way in the next year, much less the next decade.

If you suffer a stroke or another debilitating medical event that may leave you unable to speak, respond, or otherwise communicate, then you will be unable to answer questions regarding your wishes.

What Can You Include In A Healthcare POA?

There are many wishes you can declare in advance. If you would choose a “DNR” or “Do Not Resuscitate” order, then medical professionals would be directed not to provide CPR or other life-saving resuscitation methods that may leave you on respiration or life support.

For these and other concerns, it is smart to name a person you trust to act on your behalf in the event of a medical emergency.

In Ohio, you can create “advance directives,” which consists of a combines a Living Will (a document regarding issues such as the DNR order) and a Healthcare Power of Attorney.

You can choose someone other than your closest loved ones to have the Healthcare Power of Attorney. If you prefer to not have a breathing tube inserted into your lungs, you can state this, and your representative can help ensure that doctors do not give you a breathing tube. This might be a heartbreaking directive for your spouse or your child to carry out, though, so you may prefer to have a friend be in charge of enacting your wishes.

Questions to consider:

– Would you be willing to be fed through a tube to keep you alive?
– Would you want any and all pain relief, even if such medications may have a side effect which would cause you to pass away more quickly?
– Would you want to donate your organs after your demise?

These are not easy questions to consider, but they are crucial to have in place in the event of an accident, a heart attack, or a serious injury.