Now You’re 18 – Transitioning Into Adulthood & The Law

Over 40 years ago, the founder of Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller, Ed Donnellon together with his wife Peggy, produced a pamphlet entitled “Now You’re 18”, dealing with the issues that teenagers face when transitioning into adulthood.

Robert Butler head shot

The legacy continues with Rob Butler, one of our attorneys here at Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller. Rob Butler has, over the past several years, visited several high schools in the area, giving presentations to the students regarding the implications of turning 18. Mr. Butler has addressed mundane issues such as gaining the right to vote as well as being bound by contracts. He also covers the implications of getting into legal trouble, and the distinction between the consequences of when a young person is 17 compared to when they are 18. He also places emphasis on going to college and the new issues that will be faced by young people when they get there, such as concerns over sexual activity, excessive drinking, and illegal drug use.

His presentations typically last a half hour, and then a half hour or more is dedicated to questions from the students. Typically, the question and answer period is the most interesting, as the students have a wide variety of concerns and have an interesting perspective on different issues.

The Cincinnati Bar Association has been asking Mr. Butler to make such presentations, as the various school districts and the students have all given a positive reaction to Mr. Butler. Often times after his presentation, several individual students will approach him with questions they were too embarrassed or simply reluctant to ask while he was giving his presentation.

Mr. Butler will be giving his presentation to the students at Roger Bacon High School on March 20th, 2019.