Eligibility For Sealing Criminal Records Expanded In 2014

litigation trial attorneys & criminal lawIn 2014, the Ohio Legislator expanded the pool of individuals eligible for sealing, sometimes referred to as expungement, of their criminal record. While previously first time offenders were only eligible for sealing of their record, the pool was expanded to those who had two (2) misdemeanor convictions, or one (1) felony conviction and one (1) misdemeanor conviction.

While there are exceptions based on the nature of the offense to eligibility for expungement, this change in the law opened up eligibility for the sealing of one’s records significantly.

Should you know someone who previously was advised they were ineligible for expungement because they’ve had more than one conviction, please have them contact the lawyers at Donnellon Donnellon & Miller to see if they are now eligible – a lawyer familiar with criminal law may be able to help.

Robert Butler – Donnellon, Donnellon and Miller