Separation, Divorce, Visitation and Child Custody

In any separation or divorce in which children are involved, a child custody attorney often can help establish a visitation agreement.

Each state in the US has its own variation on visitation rights. Our firm is based in Ohio, where often the court will allocate primary custody rights and responsibilities to one parent.

Shared Parenting & Visitation

If at least one of the parents asks for shared parenting, that certainly can be considered. In such a case, the parent or parents file a plan explaining the proposed shared parenting arrangement, and request the court’s approval. If the court understands the proposed arrangement to be in the child’s best interest, then the court may issue a shared parenting order. This order will allocate the responsibilities and rights for parenting to both of the parents.

Visitation is always covered in a shared parenting order. This may be one of the primary topics covered in the proposed arrangement and the court order.

It is always best to have the judge issue a fixed visitation schedule. In such a situation, a child custody lawyer can help negotiate the schedule. It might be every other weekend, and during summer vacations and holiday weekends.