Why Having A Will Is Important For Your Family

What Happens If I Don’t Have A Will?

family estate planning willWhen someone dies in Ohio without leaving a Will, the county’s probate court administers their estate. The probate court will assign someone to execute the estate, which means that the estate executor must follow the Ohio probate law covering the distribution of assets. This executor will also be responsible for paying any debts. This could mean that, as the person without a Will, your assets may not go where you wanted them to go. This is also why proper Estate Planning is so vital.

Generally, without a Will, assets could be split between the surviving spouse and any children regardless of their age. If the person who died had no spouse or children, then their estate would go to surviving parents and siblings. Ohio probate laws are complex, and you need an attorney to explain them.

If no Will exists, the door is open to acrimony between survivors. The most disturbing consequence is if the spouse does not inherit the assets that the dying person intended for them to have. This can leave a spouse in a state of poverty later in life.

Children will often argue about who is entitled to personal assets, like a car or specific personal property items. Personal items can be the subject of disturbing disagreements.

The surest way to guarantee that your assets go to the people you want to receive them is to make a Will. This Will should provide for the distribution of every asset. You can then be assured that your spouse will be properly cared for.

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