The Wisdom of Making a Will in Cincinnati

You may hear people encourage you to write a Will, and formalize that document. Even if you are in perfect health, having such documentation in place can put your mind at ease and reassure your loved ones. (And yes, we are Cincinnati Estate Planning attorneys and probate lawyers, so admittedly this is our line of work.)

Why You (Want) Need A Will

One of the main reasons why you want this Will in place is so that you can choose the way your property is distributed. Without a Will, the state law will determine how your belongings are passed along to family members, and this may not be the way you would prefer.

If you have children, grandchildren, or other family members who depend on you for their financial well-being – or people who are not related by blood who depend on you for such needs – then writing a Will is even more important.

Having a Will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax the federal government and the state will require you to pay. By having probate lawyers assist you in crafting your Will, we can ensure that we are taking the necessary steps to minimize the amount of IRS. claim or Ohio state claim upon your property.

Taking Control Now

Another concern is over the actual time of your passing. If anything happens to you – heaven forbid that it does – your family and friends will be grieving. You do not want to make them take care of your legal concerns when they are grieving your absence. Rather than saddling your loved ones with paperwork and stressful logistical processes, wouldn’t you rather have all of these concerns already addressed?

In addition to clarifying what should happen to your possessions and your financial accounts, your overall estate plan can be where you explain what your funeral should be like. Do you want to be buried or cremated? Would you like to leave your body to science? Would you like a wake, or a memorial service, or both? What music would you like your loved ones to play?

Cincinnati Will Attorneys

To discuss what you would like your Will to look like, please contact the Cincinnati probate lawyers of Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller at 513-891-7087, or by completing our contact form. We look forward to helping you craft the perfect Will to meet your needs to help your loved ones.