Divorce is Tough, But A Great Teammate Makes Your World Better

Working with an attorney through a divorce has many benefits. During what is a very emotional time for all involved, it’s important to have an ally who can help you navigate through proceedings, meetings, letters and more – it can be quite emotional. Here are three reasons to hire a local divorce lawyer, and how they can assist you through the process:

1. Negotiating On Your Behalf

Entering a negotiation is a challenging proposition. Some people are experts. Negotiating in a situation that is as emotionally charged as a divorce court is even tougher. Your local divorce attorney will be able to represent you in such a situation – and will be able to do so with a cool-headed, unemotional, strategic mindset. A great negotiator has ice water in their veins, and can evaluate the situation with a placid, analytical demeanor. Hiring a steely-eyed advocate can be a very shrewd move.

2. Accounting for Assets

In many marital situations, the whereabouts of financial funds is unclear. There are multiple accounts, real estate holdings, retirement plans, and many different places where assets are kept. A divorce attorney can track all of this down so that you don’t have to. In a way, your attorney functions as a private investigator of sorts – shining a flashlight on all of the accounts that may have otherwise gone hidden from you.

3. Establishing a Debt Repayment Plan

We talk about marital assets most often, and frankly, assets are wonderful things. Savings accounts and owned property. But what about the credit card debt? The defaulted mortgage? The unpaid student loans? Shared debts – and individual debts that became shared debts – are often more painful to deal with. Letting your divorce attorney navigate those debts can avoid many headaches. It can also protect you from shouldering debts for which you shouldn’t need to claim responsibility. Do not pay off your ex’s debts if you don’t need to.