Finding the Right Match for Handling Divorce Court

Use these four tips to help you find the best divorce attorney for your situation.

1. Talk with your candidates

Find at least three potential attorneys. Then talk with all three. Don’t just email them; actually speak with them, either on phone or in person. You want your attorney to be local, and you want them to have experience in the specific type of case you will be pursuing. You want this attorney to know the family law judges and magistrates in your jurisdiction, as legal strategy will often be tailored to specific judges and magistrates, depending on which will be hearing your case. If you work with another lawyer – a business lawyer, a tax attorney, or an estate specialist – it is wise to ask them for personal recommendations.

2. Keep an eye out for bad behavior

If an attorney is making promises – no matter how much you want to be assured that those promises would be true – this is a cause for concern. There are no certainties in family law. Also, if an attorney candidate is discussing the details of another case they have worked on, this is a sign that confidentiality is not their strong suit. If they talk about their clients by name, and reveal well-known people they have worked with, this is similarly good cause for skepticism.

3. Acknowledge that your attorney is not your therapist

This is an emotional time for you. Some of the details of your situation may be hurtful to you, but your attorney is not here to help with your emotions. An attorney might seem curt when sensitive topics come up, but part of this is that they don’t want to waste the time that you are paying for. If some details of the case are appropriate for conversation but irrelevant to the legal ramifications of the case, your attorney may encourage you to skip those details. They are doing this to save you money, not because they don’t care.

4. Keep the emotions separate from the case

Letting emotional details into your case may mean the divorce takes longer, and becomes more complicated. Your goal is to get divorced as quickly as possible, and to lose as little money as possible. Protect your assets, and move as efficiently through the process as you can.