Back To School Means Having Plans In Place


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Meghan Donnellon Hyden

Every year around this time, I keep thinking of the old Staples commercial with the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” which has a parent dancing through the aisles of Staples getting school supplies for their kids. The parent is clearly excited that their child is going back to school! While I personally have a year or so before I have to think about school supplies and back to school (my daughter is almost 4 but preschool is on the horizon), I know plenty of parents who are in this boat.

Many parents may have their estate plan in order, which should include a Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will, but what the parent might not think of, is to have those healthcare documents created for their college aged children. A Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will are documents that allow a person to name one or more agents to make healthcare decisions on their behalf in the event that they are unable to make those decisions for themselves. Now that the college aged child is over 18, mom and dad no longer have the authority to make those medical decisions on behalf of their children, without a written document naming the parent or parents, as an agent.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will can offer a great deal of peace of mind for the parent, knowing that their child has taken the initiative to have these documents created and the child has the ability to name those individuals to make decisions for them, if necessary.

It is very important to consider having these documents created for your college aged child and give you, the parent, peace of mind that in the event that there is a medical emergency, your child has the necessary and appropriate documents in place.

Meghan Donnellon Hyden