Your Local Family Law Attorney, and What He Does

Will & Estates Family Lawyer

Here are the different legal elements a family law attorney may focus on. Often, these attorneys can dive deep into more than one category. From divorce and dissolution, to child custody and adoption, a family lawyer can assist with many life changes:

Spousal Support

Also known as alimony, spousal support deals with the regular (often monthly) payments that one spouse makes to another. These negotiations can often be slippery, and emotions can run hot. A seasoned family law attorney can make the best of these situations, and can deliver an acceptable and positive outcome for both sides of the equation.


Who should be recognized by the court as the father of the child? DNA tests may be necessary. Paternity suits are not a new phenomenon, but they require a very specific set of skills. Subtlety and discretion are often helpful.

Legal Separation

This is a legal alternative to divorce. In such situations, the couple stays married, but divides their assets so that they can live separately. This is rare. That said, our legal team has experience with cases of legal separation, and can advise on the ways to reach such an agreement while spending the least amount of money possible. There is no need to squander valuable assets when the outcome is mutually agreed upon and amicable.


children in front of sunset

Adoption can be costly, but all adoptions must go through the formal court system. Understanding the legal processes surrounding adoption can save adoptive parents from unnecessary heartbreak.

Child Support

These monthly payments help take care of a child’s essential needs – education, medical care, food, and shelter. Enforcing these payments may require additional assistance. Establishing child support agreements in such a way that they are achievable, sustainable, and enforceable is no easy feat. An experienced child support attorney can make all the difference.


What are the visitation rules? What are the schedules? Which spouse gets physical custody, and for how long each year? Child custody issues are common during divorces. A key to approaching custody is to create an agreement that is flexible enough to account for the logistical vicissitudes of being a working parents, but that is sturdy enough to be respected and adhered to.


If a child’s natural parents are unable (or unwilling) to care for the child, a legal guardian may enter the picture. This legal protector can assume responsibility for the individual or “ward.” The same process may apply to incapacitated adults as well. Establishing guardianship is a process that one hopes can move as quickly as possible, to prevent the child from going without a needed legal guardian.


This is the largest area of family law. Property division, “fault” and “no-fault,” and “contested” and “uncontested” divorces each have their own sets of concerns. A family law attorney will guide you through the processes involved with divorce, and can coach you on the best ways to protect yourself and your family. Divorces are challenging, but they do not need to contentious. Understanding your rights, and understanding how these legal provisions exist to serve you, will help you navigate these waters. You want a family law attorney who is well-versed in all different aspects of divorce proceedings. You also want a family law representative whose personality matches well with yours, and whose style of communication is compatible.