Cincinnati Trial Lawyers For Civil Matters And More

litigation trial attorneysLitigation involves more than courtroom experience. It requires strong investigative, research and negotiation skills. We work hard to hone these skills to help our clients successfully resolve their disputes.

Investigative skills

A huge part of a trial lawyer’s job is to spot issues. To look at the facts of a case from every possible angle, and determine the ways he or she could make an argument for you. Where might there be discrepancies in the accounts? Who might have abdicated their duties and neglected the concerns for your safety?

Whether it is the scene of a vehicular accident, a workplace that made employees sick or injured, or a business that was irresponsible or negligent in their precautions, all must be considered.

A smart trial lawyer views every situation like a forensic investigator for a police force. What the evidence tells us can strength your case.

Interviewing skills

A trial lawyer may need to cross-examine witnesses. Having the discipline and talent for proper interviewing technique is a skill that many people lack. But the ability to interview people is part of what makes a trial lawyer successful. Not just asking the right questions, but listening to the answers, and improvising on the spot to follow helpful lines of inquiry — this looks easier than it is.

Research skills

Being able to scour all possible sources of information is key for trial lawyers. May there be a precedent set in an obscure previous lawsuit that could help you? Are there other drivers of your model of car that have had similar issues in the past? Have there been other times that this company has been fined or cited for comparable concerns?

The savvy trial lawyer needs to have ready access to all forms of institutional research. This goes far beyond what the casual internet surfer may find, and into the depths of law libraries and institutional histories.

Negotiation skills

Being fair but firm in negotiation is what every client needs. Representing a client at the negotiating table means keeping the client’s interest at the forefront, but being able to work with the other side to find common ground. There is much more to a skilled negotiator than simple toughness. There is the ability to read people’s intentions, the ability to discern body language, and the ability to strategize and play four moves ahead of the opponent.

Experienced Local Trial Attorneys

At Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller we have experience representing clients before the trial court from administrative appeal, commercial disputes, complex construction claims, insurance disputes, personal injury and labor and employment law. Our experience includes advocacy of small businesses, accident and injury victims and insurance carriers, local governments and nationally recognized corporations.

Litigation requires strong trial skills but also negotiating experience. Our attorneys are not only at work in representing your needs, but we actually participate in local and state professional organizations to hone and refine our skills. These include membership, past and present, in American Trial Lawyers Association, Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys, The Criminal Defense Association as well as focused practice groups in American Bar Association, Ohio Bar Association, and the Cincinnati Bar Association.