In A Divorce, Can I Move Away?

As your local Cincinnati divorce lawyers, it is our duty to help keep you informed about your rights and responsibilities after a divorce. One area that comes up often is the subject of relocation.

Moving away may make sense after a divorce, or even as a divorce is in progress. You may want to be closer to other family, or you may want to take a better job. You may have access to a better public school district in another location. Or, you may have a new romantic relationship in another town.

Your ex, however, may be angry at the idea of you and your children moving away. He or she could take steps to prevent your departure.

Relocation and Divorce – A Complex Matter

From a legal standpoint, it is not a simple situation. Family Law and Divorce attorneys deal with this type of arrangement frequently. A move will have an impact on your parenting plan. If your ex has custody on Wednesdays through Fridays, then what does that mean if you now live hundreds of miles away?

If you want to move, you can request a modification of the current custody order. Such a filing means you are requesting permission for the move, and seeking a new visitation plan. Your ex has the right to file as well, requesting to prevent your move.

To persuade the judge to grant your request in a relocation hearing, it is wise to suggest that your move will:

  • Allow for a better education and more family support
  • Establish a more solid financial footing for your children

For these and any other questions, please contact the Cincinnati divorce lawyers at Donnellon, Donnellon, & Miller. Our number is 513-891-7087, and we can help you with any custody concerns you may have.

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