How Long Does A Divorce Take?

When meeting with a divorce attorney, it may help you to keep in mind that divorce is a process, not an immediate action. And while you might think it would feel good to have the finalization come right away, the courts have certain reasons for prolonging the process of legally separating.

Divorces Differ From State To State

Not everything is the same from location to location, either. Different states take longer to process divorce applications, for example. In California – one of the nine states in which property is divided on a community basis, meaning everything is 50/50 – a divorce application takes a minimum of 360 days to process. Net assets are split equally, after a $395 filing fee with the California courts. Having a divorce attorney who understands the system and the bureaucratic processes in place can speed the process along, but only to a certain degree.

Other states, such as Idaho, can work through the process much faster. The whole divorce process can take only 62 days, less than a fifth the time that those Golden State residents must wait. The filing fee is considerably less as well, at $129.

New Hampshire takes that even further. It has the fastest filing time of any state in the USA. In the Granite State, it takes less than a day to get your divorce processed. In New Hampshire, your divorce attorney may spend less time filing than it would take to get a driver’s license renewed.

Before the filing even begins, however, there is a process of listing joint assets and individual assets. Attaching financial value to various and sundry possessions is not always a fast process, and investments – as well as retirement funds – can alter in value significantly over the course of the divorce process.

If there are children from the marriage, custody must be determined, and schedules for visitation and shared responsibilities. Knowing school schedules, vacation schedules, and holiday plans may be reasonably easy for the coming calendar year, but can get more complicated and difficult to predict looking into future years until the children turn 18.

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