How One Firm Can Cover All of Your Legal Needs in Cincinnati (Part 1)

Part 1 of 2 Part Series Highlighting Donnellon, Donnellon and Miller

One beautiful advantage of working with a law firm like Donnellon, Donnellon, & Miller is its diverse range of expertise. Since the legal team here is skilled and trained in such a wide swath of legal areas, this one office can be the one-stop shop for all of your legal needs.

This means, for one, that we can save you time and money. Not needing to introduce a new team to your situation, and your financial documents, can avoid weeks (or months) of preparing documents, collecting tax returns, and otherwise attending to a mountain of details when working with a new attorney.

So what are the areas of law in which the Donnellon, Donnellon, & Miller team have the most experience?

For starters, these areas include:

As you might imagine, several of these fields dovetail and overlap with one another. And in some cases, the attorney you work with in one of these fields also has an immense amount of experience in another related area.

By having your legal work all in-house here at Donnellon, Donnellon, & Miller, we can use some of the same resources to address many of your needs at once. This can cut down on labor, as our staff can prepare multiple documents at the same time.

As a result, our firm may become more affordable for you. The time you need to spend with us may be diminished as well. You can walk away with a long checklist of your documents completed and prepared, with a surprisingly quick turnaround time.

Employment Law

Have questions surrounding your work? That’s in our wheelhouse. When it comes to hiring, firing, HR, compensation, workplace conditions, hostile work environments, or any other issues surrounding your place of work, we can help.

Sometimes people are hesitant to consult an attorney regarding their employment, for fear or revenge or reprisal. Let us assure you that seeking to protect yourself does not, and cannot, violate any workplace agreement or employment contract. This is your right.

We encourage you to come have a consultation with us to discuss your workplace situation, and any questions you may have regarding your rights as an employee — or as an employer. If you have an issue with an employee, or someone who reports to you, and it extends beyond the capabilities of your Human Resources department (if your company is large enough to have one), come talk with us.


A litigation attorney is a trial lawyer. If you wish to begin litigation, then that means you are looking to sue someone in a civil lawsuit. Working in litigation involves all phases of the process, from initial investigation of the circumstances, through drafting pleadings, and discovery, on into pre-trial and trial, and then the appeals process and the settlement.

Litigators not only work with those bringing suit, the plaintiffs, they also work with the defendants who are being sued.

Litigation also includes the preparation for trial. We develop persuasive arguments, and gather the witnesses that can help testify to bolster your case. We also prepare those witnesses so they represent themselves on the stand in the way they want to appear.

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